June is an eventful month at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary. We’ve been battling staying cool and sopping up Jim’s bedroom (his water heater finally gave out and flooded the place. We got it replaced same day thanks to the amazing Parker & Sons. Ask for Ben!)
We said goodbye to Solo last Tuesday. His laminitis caught up to him quickly and he was dropping weight like nobody’s business. We loved him too much to let him suffer so he was released to the Great Herd.

In May, we gained an older horse who needed a second chance. His name is Oliver and he’s incredibly sweet.

On June 2nd, we gained two new additions: a mom and baby pair of wild mustangs that had been rounded up and taken to a livestock auction. Mama’s name is Journey and her son is Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Jack for short). Jack has absolutely no fear of people and is very into getting full-body scratches from anyone who will offer. Journey is still standoffish of people, but she’s not at all agressive and watches quietly as Jack gets loved up by volunteers. Since they were on the reservation, Dr. Keyser ordered that they be on a 3 week quarantine, just to make sure they wouldn’t bring anything into the ranch and have it spread to our horses. However, all the kids have been totally fine and their quarantine is over as of Friday, June 22nd… which is just in time for our first event.

On Saturday, June 23rd, we are having an Open Ranch! Come out and visit the new additions and see firsthand how our summer operations go. It starts at 8 and goes until 11. Invite your friends and family to visit us!
On Monday, June 25th, we are having our first Kid’s Day. For $50, kids ages 5-12 are invited to learn horsemanship, safety, and have fun with our herd. For more information and the sign-up link, visit the “Kid’s Day” tab in our menu bar.
In an effort to continue our philosophy of transparency, we always need donations and sponsors for our horses, ESPECIALLY in the summer when money slows down because let’s be real, it’s hot and not the “season for giving” like the fall and winter. However, our summer is when we need the most donations. Between water bills, hay deliveries, and dumpster hauls, our expenses are higher than ever. This is also due to the summer being a more dangerous time for colic episodes and hoof issues, leading to an increase in vet bills. If you’d like to sponsor a horse or make a donation, head to our “How You Can Help” tab and click DONATE. Thank you.