Thank you for your interest in Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary's programs! We are thrilled to announce that our programs and services are going through an exciting time of revamping and reimagination. We will be unveiling several new programs at the end of the summer 2022/early fall 2022.

To learn more or to be put on our waiting list for group activities, please contact Alexis Roeckner Ferri at (480) 469 - 9166 or [email protected]

In the meantime, please see below for the programs we currently have available.

We are so excited to work with you!


The Tierra Madre team


Tierra Madre’s team building program gives groups of employees the unique opportunity to grow as a team and build lasting relationships that enable them to accomplish their goals. Groups as small as 3 and as large as 25 come together to get to know each other, build confidence, and appreciate each individual member’s unique qualities that add value to the team.

Tierra Madre uses the power of horses as herd animals to teach the art of being both a leader and a follower. Because horses are herd animals and extremely sensitive to their surroundings, each session is an opportunity for individuals to practice listening to their intuition, noticing the details around them, acknowledging their thoughts and feelings for what they are, and simply being in the moment. As the horses demonstrate, honesty, confidence, and trust are just some of the elements that add to the strength of a team.

Each two-hour session involves
- an introductory session that allows the team to get to know each other and which also serves as a safety 101 course
- a work activity around the ranch that requires a great deal of collaboration and coordination.
- a horsemanship objective: building an obstacle course in our arena and driving two loose horses through it as a team
- two separate debriefs for reflection

The investment is $150 per person and sessions are currently scheduled from 9am-11am. A 10% discount is applied for all groups over 20.

Schedule your session today by contacting us at (480) 469 - 9166 or [email protected]