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We’re located in an unincorporated part of Maricopa County, Arizona, situated between Phoenix and Cave Creek (although we have a Cave Creek mailing address). Situated on just under three acres, we presently have the capacity to house about 30 horses and we generally run at or just under that number. We have one very large field that presently holds 3 horses and several large paddocks or pens, all with good shade and water.  Our barn has five large ‘in-n-outs’, each featuring an inside stall with an open gate leading into a large outdoor pen.  We also have several over sized covered pipe stalls and a round pen with a shade structure. Each stall, including the field and round pen, has its own misting system.


The barn and pipe stalls are equipped with water buckets and the field and paddocks have large water tanks. All water sources are emptied and scrubbed each day. They are sometimes refilled more than once throughout the day. We have a large, deep arena that is in constant use, either by riders or by the horses that are turned out to run around almost every day of the week. We have a sprinkler system that reaches the entirety of the arena. Adjacent to the arena is a large, padded round pen.

We’re on a dirt road and all the roads to our west are dirt and the state land trails are but a short ride away.


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     Each horse is fed a minimum of three times a day, plus a full complement of daily, weekly and monthly supplements.  Oh, and treats galore. We care for cuts and bruises, sore legs and feet, infections and a myriad of problems, including complete rehabilitation of major injuries suffered on the racetrack or somewhere else along the line.  We have one of the nation’s best equine veterinarians a simple phone call away.


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     Our facilities are modest and unassuming.  “Tierra Madre” is Spanish for “Mother Earth”, so we do our best to keep our desert home as natural as possible.  In addition to the horses, Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary is home to hundreds of rabbits, prairie dogs, lizards, quail and other birds.  Oh, and the ranch dog, Lee.  Afternoon feeding time generally means fine pickings for hundreds of birds.  We even have a couple of resident mice, who do their best to stay out of sight.

We have ample space to put in additional fields and paddocks to give more horses a great home and it is our sincere wish to do so when the timing is right.  And the universe will let us know when that time comes.