Founder, Jim Gath

“Jim, you’re all they’ve got”. These 5 words changed everything for Jim Gath in 2006 and Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary was created.

Jim Gath enjoyed a very successful corporate career as one of the founders of USA Today, moving on to Turner Broadcasting, becoming publisher for a few college magazines and later producing and promoting college football bowl games and large city-wide events.

But with all his outward “success”, something was missing; he didn’t feel happy or fulfilled. Upon reflection, he realized the best times of his life occurred when he was around horses. His drive to return to reconnecting with horses started with volunteering at kids’ camps and giving riding lessons, progressed to a boarding facility, then morphed into a safe haven for horses who needed him. Offering his complete heart and soul to these animals became his mission as he created Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary in 2006.

journey and jim

Immersing himself among the horses, he was able to learn so much more about them - and himself. He understood how they helped him transition from a life of stress and chaos from his previous “successful corporate” career into a more authentic and present way of living.

And so, began our current journey at Rancho Tierra Madre, home of Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary.

He’s never, ever met a horse he didn’t like. “You just have to listen to them”, he says. “They will tell you everything you need to know.”

Jim is also the author of “I Hear You, Horse”, a book on how to better understand your horse and how to allow him to better understand you.

His philosophy can be summed up by two anonymous quotes:

“My gold neither sparkles nor jingles. It glistens in the sunlight and whinnies in the darkness.”

& ..."and he said unto the horse, Trust no man in whose eyes you do not see yourself reflected as an equal.