COVID-19 Relief


May 5th will be this year’s #GivingTuesday, the international day of charitable giving.

For years, we have used #GivingTuesday as a fundraising tool for Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary. And it’s always been successful for us. And we’ve always been thankful for it.

But this year, we’re doing something different. 

We’re encouraging people to help fund a much more crucial, much more critical issue  – the Navajo Nation, which is currently being devastated by the COVID-19 virus. Behind New York & New Jersey, the Navajo Nation has the highest concentration of infections & the highest rate of mortality in the land.

We’re raising funds for the Navajo Nation Christian Response Team, which is also a non-profit.

The NNCRT has sent its people across the country into, among other places, hurricane-ravaged areas. They go where help is needed. And they stay until the job is done.

And, now, they’re working to save their own nation.

The Navajo Nation is ravaged by poverty & substance abuse. Unemployment is rampant. Only 40% of its people have running water. And the federal government is not sending the necessary supplies as outlined in the Nation’s treaty with the United States. President Nez has had to make trade agreements with New York’s Governor Cuomo. The Navajos supply masks & New York supplies medical equipment. And food & clean water are scarce.

This amazing grass-roots operation of 110 ‘chapters’ does everything from raising funds to finding supplies to unloading tractor-trailers to sanitizing everything that comes in to boxing it & distributing it to the various chapters to distributing it directly to homes. They do it all.

Members of the chapters visit each home & determine peoples' needs. They prioritize the recipients: 1) widows; 2) elderly; 3) single parent homes; 4) COVID-related families (if the disease is in their house); 5) first responders. And people get deliveries based on their needs, not their wants.

By helping to fund the Navajo Nation Christian Response Team, you know that your contributions will help to get much-needed supplies directly to families & households that are in desperate straits.

If you go to our website & click on the ‘Donate’ button above or on the ‘Donate & Sponsor’ menu, you can designate that your contribution will go to the NNCRT in the PayPal function. Or, you can send us a check & write NNCRT in the memo area. Or, you can donate directly to them at their website: 

All the funds that come to us & are designated to the NNCRT will go to it. That’s our word. 

So, yes – #GivingTuesday will be a little different for us this year. And we wouldn’t have it any other way. 

Because lives are at stake.

Thank you.

Jim Gath