Upcoming Events

Together again.

After over a year of postponing in-person events, Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary is (safely) opening its gates to the public on December 4 from 9am-12pm.

Come meet the horses and the humans, shop some one-of-a-kind holiday gifts for loved ones, grab a snack (more details to come on that front!) and get up close and personal with some of the herd who will be thrilled to see you.

We will be sanitizing frequently as well as ensuring social distancing. While we are an all-outdoor facility, mask-wearing is encouraged when in close proximity to other attendees and volunteers.

Entry is free; as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization a donation is encouraged and appreciated!

We can't wait to see you!

Questions? Concerns? Email us at hello@tierramadrehorseandhumansanctuary.org

As of right now, Tierra Madre is postponing any events scheduled for the foreseeable future. We want everyone to stay safe and healthy as well as promote social distancing. Please check back here for the resumption of our events or keep an eye on our Facebook page!

Stay well,

The Tierra Madre Team

Events Calendar

Coming soon!

Equine Programs

Horsemanship 101 (1 hour)

$30 per person (Groups of 10-20 $25 per person

This one-hour experience will give you a basic overview about domesticated horses and how to not only safely interact with them, but understand them. Specifically, you’ll learn about the Tierra Madre way of interacting with horses based on how they see the world. During this class, you will learn about herd mentality, the differences between prey animals and predators, and where humans fit into a horse’s world. Also emphasized in this class is the importance of safety. You will learn how to safely interact with horses in a way that will keep everyone safe as well as the basics of approaching, haltering, and leading. You’ll finish up your hour by practicing walking, turning, stopping, and backing up a horse in our spacious arena.

For more information on this, please email: Hello@TierraMadreHorseAndHumanSanctuary.org

I Hear You Horse (5 week course)

$300 per person - 5 week course

Here, we don’t whisper to horses … We listen to them!

Have you ever ridden a horse – or just been with a horse – and wondered, what is he thinking? Why did she move over there? What did he just do with his head?

Many people jump into the saddle before fully understanding how horses think and why they act a certain way when the real first step is simply understanding them. Others make assumptions about horses’ actions that don’t align with their true nature: a prey animal.

Taught by the Founder and President of Tierra Madre Horse and Human Sanctuary, Jim Gath, this five-week course will allow you to learn the language of horses as spoken by them with every swish of their tail, prick of their ears, lifting of their hooves, and glance with their eyes. You will spend five 1.5-hour sessions studying their every move and developing a relationship with them based on a deep appreciation of how they see the world. And – we hope – you yourself with gain a deeper appreciation of the intimate, beautiful details in the world that we perhaps take for granted.

For more information on this, please email: Hello@TierraMadreHorseAndHumanSanctuary.org

Arena Group Experiences
(1, 1.5 or 2 hours)

5 person minimum; please call to discuss prices

Personalized for your goals and objectives, we will customize a memorable group experience with the horses.

Great for groups from our senior communities and schools for a unique opportunity to connect with the horses.

These arena group experiences can be everything from learning the power of authenticity and that the horses embody, to powerful healing sessions, personal reflection and discovery. They can be fun, uplifting activities that challenge even the best equestrians to effective team building exercises for employees. Contact us today so we can customize a program to meet your goals.

For more information on this, please email Hello@TierraMadreHorseAndHumanSanctuary.org

Equine Experiential Coaching Program

"Equine Experiential Coaching” is a form of equine assisted learning and life coaching offered by Christine Badoux in collaboration with the Tierra Madre Horse and Human Sanctuary.  Christine facilities individual and group coaching sessions, workshops and retreats, offering you the hands-on opportunity to mindfully spend time with horses in order to learn more about yourself.   You will not ride horses during coaching sessions and no previous experience with horses is necessary to participate in any of the programs. 

To learn more, or to sign up for a coaching session or retreat, please visit:  https://christinebadoux.com/ or call (602)380-1948.

Benefits of Equine Experiential Coaching:

~Accelerates Personal and Professional Development
~Increases Self Awareness
~Strengthens Intuition
~Improves Communication and Perception Skills
~Provides opportunities to Kinesthetically Practice and Integrate new Behaviors
~Enhances other Therapeutic Modalities and/or Recovery Programs
~Positively Impacts Horses and People