Equine Experiential Coaching at Tierra Madre
Equine Experiential Coaching was founded to promote the synergy of learning and healing that exists between horses and humans, and to improve the quality of life for both.
“Equine Experiential Coaching” is offered by Christine Badoux and Dr. Sumer Aeed in collaboration with the Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary. The purpose of our “Equine Experiential Coaching” sessions is to create a space for horses to act as our teachers. Clients are guided through mindful interactions with horses, in order to increase their self-awareness, and to observe their belief systems, behaviors and patterns. During our guided (individual and group) sessions, clients spend time with the horses in their stalls, around the sanctuary grounds and / or in the arena. We do not ride horses during the coaching sessions, and no previous horsemanship experience is necessary.
Individual Sessions:
~Individual sessions are facilitated by Christine Badoux, an Eagala trained Equine Specialist and Certified Assertiveness Coach. Sessions are designed to fit the client’s specific intentions, and include a focus on mindfulness and strengthening one’s intuition. Participants are also guided to observe and evaluate their belief systems, behaviors, and patterns.
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Group Sessions and Workshops:
~Group sessions are co-facilitated by Christine Badoux and Dr. Sumer Aeed, a licensed therapist with more than twenty years of experience in counseling, consultation and education. Group sessions have a specific focus and activity, and include group processing and reflection time. Some our our focus areas include whole body communication, leadership and team dynamics, perception and observation, mindfulness, overcoming obstacles, and assertiveness and boundaries. Individuals may join pre-scheduled groups of (6-8) individuals, or families and companies may create their own group experience.
Why Horses?
~As prey animals, horses are ultra sensitive to all aspects of their environment and are masters of non-verbal communication. In the wild, their survival depends upon their ability to intuitively assess everything and everyone around them. As a result, their behavior is often a reflection of, or reaction to what they sense. When interacting with humans, they instinctively reflect or react to what we are projecting. By observing and interpreting how horses react to us, we are able to examine what we are projecting out to others in our professional and personal lives.
Why Experiential Activities?
~Experiential learning allows us to discover, examine, and integrate the many facets of ourselves. By kinesthetically exploring how and why we do things, we become conscious observers of our own behaviors, as well as the thoughts and feelings that create them.
Why Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary:
~The Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary began as a home for rescued horses who through no-fault of their own simply had no other place to go, and gradually evolved into a healing and learning sanctuary for humans as well. We began to notice that as we rescued and healed the 55+ horses that have walked through our gates, they turned around and healed us right back. Tierra Madre is currently the home to more than 30+ horses with diverse backgrounds, breeds, and personalities. As our Equine Experiential Coaching clients spend time with the sanctuary horses, they are often drawn to horses that represent a portion of their own story. We have a saying out at the sanctuary, “Once you walk through our gates, something about you changes.” It applies equally to horses and humans.
Our Clients:
~Our clients are eager to embark on a path of self discovery and awareness, to consciously enhance their personal and professional lives. With enhanced self awareness, they are empowered to make internal choices, connections, and changes to experience lasting and fulfilling external results. Many of our clients combine equine experiential coaching with other therapeutic and coaching modalities, in order to expedite, deepen, and strengthen their growth and healing process.
Areas of Focus include:
~Self Discovery, Personal Development, and Growth
~Recovery from Addiction and Co-Dependence
~Assertiveness Training
~Professional Development and Performance Coaching
~Leadership Dynamics and Executive Team Building
Individual Sessions:
~1.5 hour initial session, (includes a 20 minute follow up phone consultation) $195
~1 hour follow-up sessions $125
Group Sessions:
~2.5 hour session lead by two facilitators: $150 per person

Christine Badoux
Christine Badoux created “Equine Experiential Coaching” in collaboration with Dr. Sumer Aeed and the Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary to promote the synergy of learning and healing that exists between horses and humans, and to improve the quality of life for both, through individual and group coaching sessions, workshops, and retreats. She also serves as a Program Director at the sanctuary, is a Certified Assertiveness Coach, and is the co-facilitator of “What’s Your Story Experiences,” experiential workshops designed to transform your life story.
Her equine training includes Monty Robert’s Introductory Certification course in Solvang, CA and the Eagala (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association) level 1 and 2 training courses.
In addition to her equine experience, some of her best “unintentional training” has come from parenting a child on the autism spectrum. In order to model and teach functional communication skills, and to learn how to decrease disruptive and challenging behaviors, she received more than four years of one-on-one intensive behavioral and parent training in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), including Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Positive Reinforcement, and Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT.)
Prior to guiding others on their internal journeys, she delighted in taking external ones. A desire to travel and explore the world led her to graduate with a B.A. in International Relations, from Syracuse University. After spending a year studying in France and England, she spent more than ten years working in the hospitality industry for Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Westin Hotels and Resorts, and Destination Hotels and Resorts.
She currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with an ever expanding number of animals and her two favorite teachers, her daughter, Isabelle, and her son, Alex.
Dr. Sumer Aeed
Dr. Sumer Aeed holds a doctoral degree in Educational Psychology-Counseling Emphasis, a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and a BA in International Relations. She is an an Arizona native but has lived in 5 different countries before returning to Arizona.
For over 20 years she has followed her passion in the counseling, consultation and education fields helping individuals, families and companies create healthier relationships and passionate futures.
She has served as adjunct faculty at Northern Arizona University, developed a number of prevention programs for youth, and serves on a number of boards with a focus on healing and prevention work.
She writes articles in the field of mental health for numerous magazines and websites and is the founder of What’s Your Story Experiences, experiential workshops to transform your life story.
Dr. Aeed also partners with Equine Experiential Coaching and Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary to provide equine experiences, healing through horses. 
Dr. Aeed lives in Scottsdale with her tribe of two dauntless daughters Lily and Rosie, Lucille the pig, Flora the dog, a clowder of cats, chickens, parrots and Nike the emu.