Angel Sponsorship Program

Tierra Madre’s Angel Sponsorship program invites you to make our family part of yours. Become a Tierra Madre Angel and sponsor one of our horses at the level of your choice.

A Tierra Madre Angel is a recurring donor and makes a commitment of one year. Angels can make their gifts once every month or all at once.

We have several different levels of sponsorship from which you can choose:


Whole sponsorship: $5,000 or $417 per month.

Half sponsorship: $2,500 or $209 per month.

Quarter sponsorship: $1,250 or $104 per month.

Each sponsorship covers the following:

Hay (alfalfa, Bermuda, and/or Timothy); supplements including daily salt and electrolytes, bran, grain, and pellets; farrier bills; facility upkeep including grindings for stalls, manure haul, and hardware; and the average medical cost for one horse. (An important note on medical costs: depending on the horse, this cost in actuality might be slightly more or slightly less depending on the individual needs of that horse. For the sake of the program, we’ve taken the average of all our horses in order to simplify sponsorship levels.)

By sponsoring one or more of our horses, you are helping us to provide our herd with health and happiness.

Included in your sponsorship you receive the following benefits:

  • A certificate and thank you letter from our Founder and our CEO
  • Monthly updates sent via text or email (your choice)
  • A 5x7 picture of your horse
  • A painting done by your horse
  • Recognition on our website and on your horse’s stall board (if desired – Angels can also be anonymous)

To enroll in our Angel Sponsorship program, please reach out to [email protected] or (480) 469-9166. You can additionally click the button below. Angel Sponsorship Program will be the formal designation - just let us know who you are sponsoring! We will be in touch shortly after to confirm your sponsorship.

Thank you on behalf of all of our horses for your consideration!