Surrendering Your Horse

As of 2021, Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary is no longer accepting horses. With limited space and funding, we are officially closing our gates to new intakes.
However, in the decade and a half we’ve been saving horses, we are fortunate enough to have made wonderful connections to legitimate equine rescues, sanctuaries, and individuals. Our commitment to you – during the heartbreaking process that is rehoming your horse – is to connect you to someone who can help.
With the form listed below, we hope to ease some of the logistical pain of contacting different facilities. Once you’ve submitted this form, we can forward it to our extensive network so your horse’s information hits everyone at once.
To appropriately place your horse, we all need to know as much information as possible about your horse’s medical history and any behavioral challenges as well as age and breed. Each rescue and sanctuary takes in different kinds of horses, and their available space fluctuates throughout the year.
If you have more than one horse to place, kindly submit this form once for each horse needing a home. If your horse is outside of Arizona, please note that you will probably end up paying for transportation and will be asked to submit a Coggins test report prior to hauling.
We will email you once we’ve sent your horse(s) information out to our network, and you will be contacted by anyone who can assist. We will follow up with you within a week of contacting our network.
Please note that you, the horse’s owner, will be asked to sign a surrender form that transfers all ownership and care to the facility you ultimately choose. We strongly encourage you to do your research, listen to your instincts, and fulfill your responsibility to your horse by choosing the best place possible for him or her. The rehoming process can take weeks to months, so please allow yourself enough time to responsibly transfer your horse to his/her new home.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call (480) 208-6896 or email us at
Click HERE to download the form.