Join us for Breakfast At The Barn!

Enjoy a Ranch Style Continental Breakfast followed by an up close and personal Horsemanship 101 activity where Tierra Madre Founder, and Author of “I Hear You, Horse”, Jim Gath, will introduce you to a side of horses you may never have known. You will learn how horses connect with people and how they can teach us so much, if we would just listen.

After working with the horses, you will get to meet each of the 30 horses and learn how they found their way to the ranch. Your experience will conclude with co-create a painting with one of the horses that will be yours to keep (the painting…not the horse!). 

Horse experience is not necessary, however, closed toed shoes or boots (no steel toes) are required. No riding, all activities will be on the ground.

$50/per person tax deductible donation

Register Here

In Remembrance


Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary is terribly saddened to inform you of the recent passing of one of our board members.
Not only was Kimberly Goguen Rice one of our greatest friends & supporters, she was also one of the world’s great horsewomen, treating our horses with the same degree of love, compassion & enthusiasm as she did her international champions.
As we mourn her loss deeply, we also celebrate her life with the same zeal that she brought to everything & everyone she touched.
Vaya con Dios, Kim.
We’re honored that you thought of us as family.

An Announcement


For the nearly decade-&-a-half of its life, Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary has had one singular mission: to give a happy, healthy, forever home to scores of horses that had been previously abandoned, neglected, injured, abused or surrendered. And we’ve been very successful in doing so, horse after horse, year after year. Nearly seventy horses have called Tierra Madre “home” over the years. And our horses have been as happy & as healthy as they could have ever imagined.
As time has progressed, though, we began to notice that the horses that had been healed & made well again were, themselves, becoming healers in their own right.
Our volunteers & visitors began to talk about how the horses were helping them through their various challenges, whether emotional, spiritual or psychological. And those people kept coming back – to be with their favorite horse or horses. Some come several times a week & some come only occasionally – when they need their horse ‘therapy’.
Soon, entire classes of young people on varying levels of the autism scale – as many as 20 children at a time – began coming every week as part of their curriculum.
And, then, a couple of programs that help those transitioning from homelessness back into society began bringing their clients on a weekly basis.
And a number of people in recovery from substance abuse came & some have never left, saying that the innate honesty & spirituality of Tierra Madre’s horses were helping them greatly in their quests for long-term sobriety & happiness.
We developed an Equine Experiential Coaching program for one-on-one & small group sessions to help people with emotional traumas & other issues in their backgrounds.
And, over the past few months, we’ve had numerous organizations reach out to us to design programs specifically for their clients.
It was as if the universe was pointing us in a specific direction. It was telling us that the horses we’ve helped & are helping are healers themselves. And, really, it completes the circle we’ve always envisioned: people helping horses to heal & then, having those horses helping people to heal. It’s incredible to see & experience.
Well, we’re formalizing our new expanded mission – that of our horses helping people – & we’re in the process of developing our own outreach program to expand the number of people we can help.
We’re growing.
Yes, we are.
We’re growing so we can help more spirits that, through no fault of their own, find themselves in need – both two-legged & four.
Now, the official introduction of our new, expanded mission will be unveiled at our annual fundraiser in October, but we kinda thought you guys should know now.
So that’s what I’m doing today.
We will be adding two words to our name – two words that reflect who we’ve actually been for a while & what we’ll be on into the future.
From now on, starting on October 12th, we will be calling ourselves ‘Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary’.
To be part of the newest chapter, begin by buying your tickets to our fourth annual benefit fundraiser, during which we will launch as Tierra Madre Horse & Human Sanctuary for the first time. Buy them HERE.
Stay tuned!

4th Annual Benefit Fundraiser


Join Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary on October 12th for happy hour on an evening you won’t soon forget.
Share drinks and stories with members of the Tierra Madre family. Participate in a silent auction filled with amazing items that show off the Tierra Madre herd. Best of all, listen to core members of the Tierra Madre team speak about its latest mission: to complete the circle of healing between human and horse. In our one-hour program, you’ll watch never-before-seen videos – produced exclusively by the ranch – that display the magic behind the brand and show the world what a connection with a horse can do for the spirit.
The Foothills Community Foundation will host this annual event on Friday, October 12th. Doors open at 3:45pm. The program will tentatively run from 5-6pm with a cash bar operating throughout. Tickets are $30 per person and $50 per couple. All ages welcome; guests must be 21 years of age or older to purchase and consume alcoholic beverages.
Tickets can be purchased at


Dollar Garage Sale


We’re having a $1 Garage Sale this Saturday aka TOMORROW!
Stop by Carefree Consignment between 7am and 11am where EVERYTHING is a dollar! Find some truly one-of-a-kind treasures from electronics, vintage clothing, music and DVDs, jewelry, horse items, and SO much more.
100% of proceeds go to our horses!
A huge thank you goes to our Ambassador Director Debbie for organizing this event as well as our friend Victoria at Carefree Consignment for being such a lovely hostess! We also want to thank the Sonoran News for posting this ad in their paper – we appreciate you!
Help us spread the word far and wide. Can’t wait to see you on Saturday!
Carefree Consignment
100 Easy St.
Carefree, AZ
(inside the Carefree Post Office Building)

Updates and Upcoming Events


June is an eventful month at Tierra Madre Horse Sanctuary. We’ve been battling staying cool and sopping up Jim’s bedroom (his water heater finally gave out and flooded the place. We got it replaced same day thanks to the amazing Parker & Sons. Ask for Ben!)
We said goodbye to Solo last Tuesday. His laminitis caught up to him quickly and he was dropping weight like nobody’s business. We loved him too much to let him suffer so he was released to the Great Herd.

In May, we gained an older horse who needed a second chance. His name is Oliver and he’s incredibly sweet.

On June 2nd, we gained two new additions: a mom and baby pair of wild mustangs that had been rounded up and taken to a livestock auction. Mama’s name is Journey and her son is Jumpin’ Jack Flash (Jack for short). Jack has absolutely no fear of people and is very into getting full-body scratches from anyone who will offer. Journey is still standoffish of people, but she’s not at all agressive and watches quietly as Jack gets loved up by volunteers. Since they were on the reservation, Dr. Keyser ordered that they be on a 3 week quarantine, just to make sure they wouldn’t bring anything into the ranch and have it spread to our horses. However, all the kids have been totally fine and their quarantine is over as of Friday, June 22nd… which is just in time for our first event.

On Saturday, June 23rd, we are having an Open Ranch! Come out and visit the new additions and see firsthand how our summer operations go. It starts at 8 and goes until 11. Invite your friends and family to visit us!
On Monday, June 25th, we are having our first Kid’s Day. For $50, kids ages 5-12 are invited to learn horsemanship, safety, and have fun with our herd. For more information and the sign-up link, visit the “Kid’s Day” tab in our menu bar.
In an effort to continue our philosophy of transparency, we always need donations and sponsors for our horses, ESPECIALLY in the summer when money slows down because let’s be real, it’s hot and not the “season for giving” like the fall and winter. However, our summer is when we need the most donations. Between water bills, hay deliveries, and dumpster hauls, our expenses are higher than ever. This is also due to the summer being a more dangerous time for colic episodes and hoof issues, leading to an increase in vet bills. If you’d like to sponsor a horse or make a donation, head to our “How You Can Help” tab and click DONATE. Thank you.

Earth Day Success!


We at Tierra Madre would like to thank all of those who joined us at our Earth Day Arts and Crafts Festival on April 21st! All of us had a blast and are really looking forward to possibly doing this next year.
At the end of the day, we raised $2.1k for the ranch. Also, because of that beautiful number, we have finally paid off our outstanding bill at Chaparral Veterinary Medical Center.
After 10 long years, our balance is a big, fat $0. Absolutely no debt!
We’d like to thank all of the vendors that were a part of this event, and we are very grateful that some of them donated a part of their profit that day. This sense of community really means a lot to our little sanctuary. Next, we’d like to thank everyone who came to visit us. We saw some familiar faces and made a bunch of new friends. We hope to see you all in the future! Finally, THANK YOU all of the volunteers that came in the morning and did chores, set-up, ran tables and activities, manned the gate, gave tours, and stayed around afterwards to tear everything down. We definitely couldn’t have done it without you.




Plugging our address into GPS will sometimes take you on a wild goose chase! Follow these directions instead:
Once you are on Tatum Boulevard, turn west onto Pinnacle Vista. (Turn right if you are driving south on Tatum, left if you are driving north.)
Once you are on Pinnacle Vista, take your very first left onto 47th street. This turn comes up after about 50 feet.
Stay on 47th street. It will curve to the right and turn into Bajada Road. Stay on the road until you go over two speed bumps and the road turns to dirt. We are the very first thing on the righthand side.

Earth Day


We are FIVE days away from this awesome event!
Come out to browse and shop some of the best art and craftwork Cave Creek has to offer: photography, fused glass art, chandeliers, dream catchers, paintings, Western cards and gift bags, reclaimed wood art, art and jewelry from used car parts, organic lotions and body products, wood signs, ceramics and jewelry, saguaro plaques… you name it, you’ll find it here on Saturday!
We’re also so excited to welcome our friends from the Salt River Wild Horse Management Group who will be selling their beautiful handmade products including horse-themed jewelry and merchandise. They do incredible work for the Salt River wild horses, so be sure to stop by their booth and learn about their organization!
Since it’s an arts fair, each of our horses will be creating one-of-a-kind pieces of art, where they paint on canvases in a variety of different colors and styles. For $20 you can take home a truly unique painting from one of the Tierra Madre herd. And, best of all, you can create your own painting on artist paper with a horse during the day!
Don’t forget to come hungry, as Noodles A GoGo will be serving up some truly delicious food and Iced Out Italian Ice will be selling frozen treats to keep us cool.
See you on Saturday!
Directions to our facility:
We are at 27115 N. 45th Street | Cave Creek, AZ 85331. We are on the southwest corner of Tatum and Dynamite.
However, plugging our address into GPS will sometimes take you on a wild goose chase! Follow these directions instead:
Once you are on Tatum Boulevard, turn west onto Pinnacle Vista. (Turn right if you are driving south on Tatum, left if you are driving north.)
Once you are on Pinnacle Vista, take your very first left onto 47th street. This turn comes up after about 50 feet.
Stay on 47th street. It will curve to the right and turn into Bajada. Stay on the road until you go over two speed bumps and the road turns to dirt. We are the very first thing on the righthand side.
Parking will be along the dirt road.

Princess Bella


Wow, you guys.
Have we told you lately how amazing you are?
Thanks to the generosity of our followers, we have raised almost $1,000 towards our goal of $2,600 in the past five days.
To those of you who have donated for Bella, keep your eye on your mailboxes in April. Special surprise headed your way.
In the meantime – THANK YOU.
We rock on because of you.
As always – thank you for being part of the family!
— Alexis
We are still fundraising for our hefty expenses in the past week plus several new ones that have cropped up including a package of Prascend, Gastrogard, and eye meds for Studley, more trims, and the usual Bermuda and grain and bran and all that jazz. If you’d like to make a tax-deductible donation, head over to the DONATE tab, find us on Venmo at TierraMadre-HorseSanctuary, or mail your contribution to:
27115 N. 45th Street
Cave Creek, AZ 85331
Your donation is SO appreciated no matter what the amount! All our donors receive a handwritten thank you and an open invitation to come meet the horses they’ve helped so much!
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